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General Rules For Donator :

  1. Prohibition of more aggressive action as vulgar words and spam + Delete msg.
  2. Prohibition of  Using Power to Banned other user witout Admin permission.
  3. Only this 2 rules u have to obey such as Donator at leechme. 
 General Advantage For Donator :
  1.  Can post multiple link at once on the Cbox
  2.  Can request Movie link.
  3.  Your link will be served first by Mod.
  4.  You will get extra service and more.
  5. You can post link without check link

General rules for all members :
• Do not use similar or confusing names to Mod/Admin .
• Do not use indecent and vulgar words to cause disunity .
• Do not spam .
• Be polite and respect other members .

Guidelines for members that want to leech links :
• You must check link at leechme before posting on the Cbox .
• Do not post pornographic, hentai, sex links .
• You must have the permission of the Mod/Admin before posting multiple link at once .
• You must follow the instructions of the Mod/Admin on the Cbox
 . Prohibition feelings Nick, or cause the same incorrect assumptions with MOD and Admin. Prohibit other forms of humiliating or misrepresent MOD and Admin.
Also, please read the FAQs carefully to know the benefits and limits of members .

Guidelines for other supporters :
The leechme Management team welcomes leechers and members from others cbox that want to help leeching links at leechme with the following conditions :
• You cannot use hosts that have others cbox or forum's names same as theirs prefixes .
• You cannot use BOT .
• Leech servers have bad quality as: Code leech errors, slow downloading speed, unstable servers which affect the activities of leechme members will be reminded and interdicted .

Note :
Members who violate the rules of leechme will be warned or banned depending on the severity of those action .

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